Since its founding in 1957, Dong Sung has advanced technologically while at the same time, developing products with fineness and strengthening its position as one of Korea’s leading pharmaceutical companies. Currently, we possess Korea’s largest production facilities, hold 40 percent of the domestic hair dye market, and are renowned for the safety, efficacy, and quality of our pharmaceutical products. Our success reflects the exceptional teamwork and commitment of Dong Sung team on delivering excellent service to you, our customers. It also reflects your belief and support in Dong Sung.

Love for Humanity

Dong Sung’s corporate mission is “Human Love” or love of mankind.

Our goal has always been to promote health and healthy living through superb products and by supporting students and researchers interested in promoting health. Each year, Dong Sung donates pharmaceuticals to needy communities, awards scholarships to middle and high school students and provides research grants to professors nationwide, who are known for the outstanding work in their own respective fields of study.

In addition, we manufacture our products according to World Health Organization and KGMP guidelines (the Korean pharmaceutical industry standard for excellence in the manufacture and management of pharmaceutical products). By adhering to these guidelines, Dong Sung assures its products are of the highest quality and our manufacturing processes leave as little harmful impact on the environment as possible.

For example, we have refined and continue to advance techniques for hair dye manufacturing that not only assure supremacy in terms of quality, but also creates very little industrial byproducts. This means we are protecting the environment for future generations.

chairman.jpgGrowing Global Competition

Compared to when we founded Dong Sung nearly 50 years ago, the world is growing as one big, single market. Commercial borders along national lines are now quickly disappearing. What previously took weeks or even months to accomplish is now being accomplished at the speed of a click of a mouse. To cope with global competition, Dong Sung continues to launch innovative new products with its eye toward advanced technology and even stricter quality control. We are looking to improve our already advanced drug distribution expertise and our significant product knowledge at hand.

A recent example is Dong Sung’s development of Assalix sugar-coated tablets. This innovative product made for fever, lower back, and rheumatic pain, contains salicin and willow bark extracts. Double-blind clinical studies have demonstrated Assalix’s high therapeutic efficacy and its superior gastrointestinal tolerability.

As Dong Sung’s first rationally designed phyto-analgesic, Assalix highlights the development of willow bark from mere traditional, plant-derived therapeutic, to highly advanced, 21st century phyto-pharmaceutical product. We look forward to developing other products along the same line.

Another example of Dong Sung’s pursuit of innovation is our Omar Sharif 60 Hair Color Cream. Omar Sharif 60 is the world’s first super-fast permanent hair dye. Using a patent-protected “penetration enhancer”, it takes only 60 seconds to color hair. The product also contains herbal extracts to protect the scalp and prevent irritation.

In addition, we are creating alliances, seeking new products, and are distributing our own products on a global basis. To this end, we have started to export Dong Sung hair dyes to China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. Most recently, we signed an agreement with Bentley Pharmaceuticals of Exeter, New Hampshire, U.S.A., to develop an intranasal insulin spray formulation for the South Korean market and possibly additional territories. Dong Sung’s researchers will work with Bentley’s to develop and lead the product through Phase III clinical trials.

Special Thanks

During the last ten years, Dong Sung has grown from 300 employees to more than 500. We have had almost seven years of uninterrupted growth.

Dong Sung is a successful company that you, its customers, can be proud of. This success would not have been possible without the commitment of our employees. Day after day, month after month, Dong Sung team serves the needs of the communities around us. Our dedication to delivering the supreme health care makes us, the company, very proud.

I personally would like to extend my sincere thanks to every member of our winning team, and to you, our customers. We are grateful for your support and look forward to meeting and exceeding your expectations in the years ahead. With the strength of our strong financial background, our team’s focus on delivering the top quality health care and our ability to continue expanding our core business, Dong Sung is well positioned for continued success.

Yang-Gu Lee

Chairman of Dong Sung Pharm. Co., LTD.